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  • Massage doesn't have to hurt!

    I practice rehabilitative manual therapy with warmth.

    Kevin is an LGBTQIA ally and happy to work with people of every kind.

    I went to massage school in 2011 in Seattle and worked full-time as a clinical bodyworker until August 2019 when I relocated to Tucson. Shortly after starting my Tucson private practice, the pandemic hit, and I suspended my bodywork career. The enforced break did me good and gave me renewed focus and perspective. In August 2022 I felt ready to help people again in a way that feels safe.


    I have a special interest in treating scars and working with post­-surgery recovery. I've studied scar tissue release extensively and have considerable experience with this and with injury and surgery recovery, and these are my most abiding loves in bodywork. Along my way, I've discovered that my love of bodywork is less about helping people feel GOOD and more about helping them feel BETTER!


    In 2016 I completed a lengthy program in the Trager® Approach to bodywork, which uses gentle rocking movements to release restrictions passively. This Trager work informs everything I do now, so my clients can expect to be moved around gently in the course of a session that's both effective and relaxing.


    I don't subscribe to a "no pain, no gain" approach to bodywork. Combining Trager with everything else I've learned over the years, I find I can work deeply & effectively without causing pain or being overly invasive.


    I also like doing “intra-­oral” work to help with TMJ disorders and other jaw issues. I work well with people in pain, whether chronic (like fibromyalgia) or acute (like a recent car accident or other injury).


    I've been told that my work feels calm, gentle, curious, focused, educational (I do tend to talk about what I'm finding as I work) - and sometimes playful, but always respectful.

  • What I Offer

    Here's what I can help you with and how I might go about it.

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    Therapeutic/Treatment Massage

    Whatever you need help with

    A hybrid of whatever you & your body needs gleaned from several years of applying treatment techniques at a medical massage clinic and taking a lot of Continuing Education. This is table work. It often can be performed clothed if that's more comfortable for you, though direct skin access is usually preferable, in which case you will be draped with a sheet appropriately at all times. We can figure that out just before your session.


    Issues I like to help people with:

    • Recovery from surgery (almost any kind!)
    • Recovery from musculo-skeletal injury (old or new)
    • TMJ (jaw) dysfunction & pain
    • Scar treatment (new or old! It's never too late.)
    • Shoulder, ankle, and knee issues
    • Headache/migraine
    • Chronic pain

    All of my bodywork these days is informed by my Trager training, below....

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    What's with the Trager Approach?

    Gentle, subtle, & powerful

    The Trager Approach is a type of bodywork developed by Dr. Milton Trager. It is meant to free up the body, release muscle tension, and improve your state of mind and physical well-being. It is a very gentle and individualized type of bodywork suitable for a wide range of clients. Trager work helps in releasing tension patterns and finding new, easier ways of movement to keep tension from building back up.

    Trager uses passive movement (gentle rocking) to both assess restrictions or resistance in the body and to release them. It is subtle but very powerful, using the body's own irresistible weight to unlock profound change in the tissues. Also, most people find it superbly relaxing. It is by design painless. So this work feels very different from most massage, if you haven't experienced it before.

    I find that Trager can be done in a variety of ways and settings. It often is done with the client minimally clothed (e.g. shorts, sports bra/tank top) and using the massage table. As a more interactive form of bodywork, we usually will start and end the session clothed (seated or standing) to tie the table work into self-care ideas.

    One of the unique aspects of the Trager approach to bodywork is in its emphasis on giving the recipient new ideas for "ease" & relaxation and helping to increase body awareness. In turn, and with time and practice at home, other benefits such as pain relief will come. I will work with you to help develop your own self-care so that you can use these new ideas in your personal life to keep building on the benefits you feel during the session.

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    A note about what to book

    Please contact me to discuss your needs and interests beforehand. The main variables in planning a session, as I see it, are:

    1. Your treatment goal(s) - how you want to feel and/or what you want addressed.
    2. Length of session (obviously).
    3. How you're comfortable receiving bodywork, i.e. clothed vs. draped/unclothed or a hybrid of the two.
  • Payment and Rates

    I use Square, so I accept credit cards (including HSA cards!) as well as cash and even checks. Remember those? Turns out they're pretty cool, actually. Tips are "always accepted, but never expected." I consider myself a medical practitioner, and I'm in business for myself, after all.


    My rates are based on length of session regardless of what modalities I use.


    Ongoing sessions for very localized, specific work (e.g. scar treatment or TMJD) may be shorter based on your specific case. We'll discuss this if appropriate.

    60 minute session


    90 minute session


    120 minute session (uncommon)


    75 min session (uncommon)


    30 or 45 min session (uncommon - we'll discuss if this is an option for you)

    $60 (30 mins) // $75 (45 mins)

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    Can I help?

    Feel free to text or call me at (218)332-0330 or call Rooted's front desk at (520)326-8300.


  • News

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  • Testimonials

    Kind words from happy clients

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    "I can't thank you enough for all that you've done to help with my chronic neck, back and shoulder pain. ... Thank you so much Kevin for the work that you do. Not only helping me gain a sense of relief from the chronic pain but equipping me with the knowledge to help me maintain progress long term." - R.J.


    "I am glad to have found Kevin. The Trager therapy he offers is awesome. I highly recommend him - he is knowledgeable, skillful, and a pleasure to be around." - A.H.


    "Thanks so much Kevin. You are wonderful to work with and I am loving the healthy results. Fantastic!!" - Donna Allen


     “As an avid runner my body is used to rigorous exercise and the tight muscles that come along with it. Kevin’s hybrid approach of incorporating both Thai and Western massage techniques into his practice helped enhance my range of motion and encouraged my muscles to relax. I was grateful for the exercises that he gave me to support proper posture and alignment throughout my day and weeks to come.” - Angela S.



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